How Freshbuds works?

It's safe to say that pretty much everyone has searched for a job at some point or another. And it's no secret that your chances of success can be helped or hurt by the current economic conditions. Depending on the job market, you could be going up against 10 other qualified job seekers or a hundred

We aim to become India's leading career and education portal and are constantly launching new products to cater to the needs of students, employers, campus placement coordinators and other players in the ecosystem.We are proud of our achievements and excited about the future. However, some things that will not change are "our commitment towards freshers and belief in endless possibilities

For Students:Are you tried with searching for job then just login in our website fill the personal details and educational details.Thats simple,your profile is visible to all employer.Employer will call you for interview for your dream job.Avail this facility to post your resume and beccome a member. Enter your personal detail, qualifications , experience etc.The field is marked with * essential .For best results, follow the instructions carefully while filing the form .

For Recruiter:The best investment a company can make is in their is human Resources. The best way to get the right human resources. By logining into site,getting instant access to today's most powerful hiring tools - post jobs, search resumes, screen candidates and streamline your entire hiring process. Here search for students,view resumes and certificates of all jobseekers.Here you can have complete view from interview selection to giving offer letters to jobseekers.