Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What will be my ideal rate of return on investment?
A1. Profitability will depend on the investment made, the revenues earned and the expenses incurred. It really depends on how effectively you can manage your business.

Q2. How do I prepare the centre infrastructure?
A2. Once the sign up process is over, you will be provided with a ?Project Implementation Manual.? This manual will assist you with complete details of the centre setup.

Q3. Is there an opportunity to set up more than one FreshBuds centre?
A3. Yes, it is possible to set up more than one FreshBuds Centre. Many of our existing Business Partner?s have done so in a very profitable manner.

Q4. What qualities does FreshBuds seek in a Business Partner?
A4. FreshBuds has been always in search of people who have an ambition to be entrepreneurs. Other than this, they have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold a graduation degree
  • Have the ability to invest full time in the venture.

Q5. What is the amount of financial investment needed to establish an FreshBuds centre?
A5. The Minimum initial investment for the project varies from Rs. 15 - 20 lacs . The investment varies with various factors such as the Centre Location, Student Capacity, Duration and the Types of courses to be offered by the centre..

Q6. How many partners I can have for my centre?
A6. It is recommended by FreshBuds that you do not have more than three partners for the venture.

Q7. Does FreshBuds offer any financing arrangements?
A7. No, FreshBuds doesn't offer any financing arrangements. The applicant has to arrange for all the finances.

Q8. How long will it take to complete business partner selection process?
A8. Once the application is received from the potential applicant, it takes 2-3 weeks more for the Business Partner selection process.

Q9. What happens after I submit my personal response form?
A9. After you submit your personal response form, a mail will be sent to you which will act as a confirmation to the receipt of your application. Soon you will be contacted by our Channel Development Team officials for further details.

Q10. After how many years will my license need to be renewed?
A10. The initial validity for the license with FreshBuds is for three years. The license will be renewed after the end of third year depending on the terms and conditions prevailing at that point of time.

Q11. What is the minimum manpower requirement to start an FreshBuds centre?
A11. The manpower requirement varies and is based on centre capacity and location. Initially, however, you will need the following:

  • 1 Centre Head.
  • 2 Faculty members.
  • 3 Business executive.
  • 4 Student Counselor.

Q12. What will be the process for recruiting manpower for my FreshBuds centre?
A12. The profile of the manpower will need to be drawn up by the Business Partner/ Centre head, though the final approval will have to come from FreshBuds.

Q13. What is the process for selecting a site for the new centre?
A13. Initially Business Partner has to enumerate a list of possible site locations for the new centre set up. In latter stages FreshBuds will single out the best of all the locations suggested.

Q14. What are the ongoing supports FreshBuds provides to its Business Partner for running an FreshBuds Education Centre?
A14. FreshBuds provides ongoing support to Business Partner in the area of Sales, Marketing, Education Delivery & Centre Management through regular support visits by FreshBuds officials.